What will asbestos awareness online teach me

This high quality Asbestos Awareness course teaches you all you need to know about basic asbestos awareness in a concise online format. Anyone who has even the slightest chance of being exposed to asbestos fibers at work must have this training; as an employer it is your legal obligation to ensure they know where asbestos and asbestos materials are likely to be found in buildings, as well as how to avoid the risk of exposure. We look at the three major types of asbestos – chrysotile, crocidolite and amosite, looking at their structure, how they were used, why they were used and why they are such a health risk. We cover the four major diseases caused by asbestos - asbestosis, pleural thickening, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Online teaching of asbestos

Online training is an affordable and flexible approach to Asbestos Awareness online Training. Current Regulations require anyone who may come into contact with asbestos to be trained and hold a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate. Our online course has been developed for everyone, from the self employed, small business to large multi-national organization. Learning package allows you to study and achieve asbestos awareness training at your own pace in your own home, at your office, on site or even on the move to obtain that all important Asbestos Awareness Certificate.

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